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The Human Factor


Curator: Alberto Staykov


Pavlina Tchakarova, Dilyana Stoimenova, Ivaylo Stoyanov, Peter Nedkov, Alexander Acosta, Dimitar Vladimirov, Vyara Yaneva, Iliyana Kancheva.


Photographs taken in the genre of portrait and reportage reflects individual and collective human nature and relationships between individuals.


Curator: Adrean Vela

Julio Flores (Columbia), Julien Bayer (France), Jean-Christophe Beshé (France), News Pictures (France), Luigi & Luca (United Kingdom), Nikola Stanchov (Bul­garia) and Elena Kuzmova (Bulgaria), Pierre Marceau (France), Veronique Nor-Minka, BUBA (France) and BABu.

Our hope is that this exhibition will remain as a testa­ment to the uniqueness of photography as an expressive means and opportunity that gives each of us to become easily an artist...

Yan Perrault