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Conceptual designers‘ platform IVAN ASEN 22


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1,5 km of...


July 21stSeptember 4th, 2016


Opening: Thursday, July 21st, 6:30 p.m.

Live music featuring Alexander Logozarov (guitar) and Arnau Garofe (saxophone)            Cocktails by Beefeater and Lillet


Sofia ArsenalMuseum for Contemporary Art, 2, „Cherni vruh“-boulevard



Alexander Gerginov, Antonia Pashova, Georgi Florov, Katya Lozanova, Neli Mitewa, Radostina Klinkova, Sylvia Roustcheva, Stanislava Dimitrova & Antoniya Raycheva turn 1,5 km of elastic bands into sculptural garments, video art and an installation, especially elaborated for the space of Sofia Arsenal – Museum for Contemporary Art.


How can the inclusion of a textile material, inherent in fashion, become an experimental field, lead to new structures and turn into a basis for sculptural forms in the garment?


Using a preliminary “frame”: 1,5 km of recycled rubber bands in black and white, the design team of IVAN ASEN 22 creates conceptual clothes in the context of the body and its outer shell - the garment.


In his individual interpretation, each designer fills the dots of 1,5 km of… with a visual comment, referring to his sense of duration, distance or transience of those 1.5 kilometers. In relation to the points of view, the notion is loaded with a positive or a negative charge, it can be perceived as something too long, protracted and tedious or as something short, fast, elusive.


The way the elastic bands are treated is absolutely free for every designer. All kinds of “classical” techniques can be used, such as braiding, knitting, knotting, sewing, warping, patchwork, and experimental approaches such as deconstruction, hardening, corrosion, inserting into a mold.


The designers‘ garments are accompanied by a video in which Alexandra Spassova experiences 1.5 km of poetically absurd situations in front of the lens of Boryana Pandova. Pistolet design studio unites them in a common spatial installation, consistent with the architectural features of the museum.


The exhibition is part of the "Space-Audience" series of Sofia Arsenal - Museum of Contemporary Art and is supported by BIODERMA and Gaudenz B. Ruf Award for New Bulgarian Art.


Cameraman: Boryana Pandova

Featuring: Alexandra Spasova

Hair and makeup: Marina Chaneva

Music: Twisted Keyborg

Set design: Pistolet design studio



For additional information:


Neli Mitewa, curator of the exhibition: +359 888 399 506

Nadezhda Dzhakova,  head of SAMCA: +359 879 834 030