Curator: Nadezhda Dzhakova

The videos concentrate on the social dimension of the climatic changes: the man as their cause, as their victim, but also as a key to the solution of the problem. They show different phenomena and facts related to the causes of the contemporary crisis and ways to overcome it. The climatic change is a complex phenomenon and the art works pose questions such as: how do the climatic changes remain outside the boundaries placed by the ex¬isting institutions, structures and conceptions, and how did it come to this; what are we to expect in the future?
The series represent different videos of authors from around the world. The chosen pieces are awarded at Fassade Video Festival (Plovdiv), Videoholica (Varna) as well as some completely new ones.

The video projections are supported by Gaudenz B. Ruf Award and with the financial help of Culture - National Foundation

August 24, 2012
- Open Air Screening
- Audio-visual set by YvesO (Studio Dauhaus)