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IVAN ASEN 22 conceptual designers‘ platform



conceptual fashion design, spatial installation, fashion film

9th November – 9th December , 2017

opening: Thursday, 9th November, 19:00 with cocktails by ABSOLUT and  live music by Kopriva
SAMCA, Sofia, 2, bul. “Cherni  vrah”


“STATIONS” is the third conceptual project of „IVAN ASEN 22“ conceptual designers‘ platform.  The success of the first projects "XXSofia" and "1,5 km ..." is indisputable. In addition to the significant number of visitors  who attended the exhibitions at Goethe Institute and SAMCA, the two fashion films accompanying them received a lot of nominations and awards at prestigious fashion film festivals around the world.

“STATIONS“ traces out and interprets the global trend of multilocalism and explores our identity created through background and experiences in different points around the world by using the means of expression of conceptual fashion, fashion film and spatial installation consisting of the designers’ garments, which has a strong visual impact and is presented in the framework of an exhibition at SAMCA.


What is the feeling of being equally at home in several places around the world? Or of getting lost in between the stations?


“At home” is everywhere and nowhere.


Traveling! Today, it is so achievable; it can happen quickly and take us to closer to or distant places. We are traveling out of curiosity about the unknown, because of the desire for detachment from everyday life or in search of our true identity in an attempt to understand our very existence.

What is the feeling of leaving one and reaching another place? What kind of role does the factor "temporary" or "permanent" play? And how does traveling influence the constructing, blurring, redesigning and newly creating of identity?

If traveling is the quest, and the station – a temporary stay at a place which leads to another one, then what is the home?

Home is the station where you feel “in your own place”, regardless of whether you stay there the longest or where you keep returning most often to. Home is finding. It can be movable, it can be a feeling, a person you take with or carry in yourself along the way; it can be built everywhere, constructed by using specific material things (personal belongings) or memories, sensations. You learn to recognize and appreciate it by traveling. And you get to know when and where you are “at home”: where you are yourself. One who belongs – to something, to someone or the environment.

These aspects will determine the thematic structure for the elaboration of the conceptual fashion garments, the fashion film and the spatial installation.

- curated by: Neli Mitewa, concept and realization: Alexander Gerginov, Momchil Tasev, Neli Mitewa

- conceptual fashion design: Antonia Pashova, Alexander Gerginov, Georgi Florov, Dilyana Ivanova, Milena Nacheva, Natalia Jivkova, Neli Mitewa, Sylvia Tsvetanova, Stanislava Dimitrova, Tsvetalina Atanasova
- photos: Boryana Pandova, Vasil Tanev
-graphic design: Boryana Draganova
- spatial design: Momchil Tasev, Alexander Gerginov

fashion film:
- camera and editing: Boryana Pandova
- featuring: Irmena Chichikova
- styling: Alexander Gerginov
- makeup and hair: Alina Manova
- movements consultant: Kami Manns
- music: Twisted Keyborg

The exhibition is supported by  VIVACOM Art Hall, ESTHEDERM.

media partners: GRAZIA, ELLE,, Fashion Inside, DIVA!, VIJ-Sofia, programata, VIEW Sofia, webcafe, Style inspiratrice, Ana's Handbag, obedna pochivka

opening hours SAMCA: Tuesday – Sunday 10:00 – 18:00
closed on Mondays